What is Project Fox?
It is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) founded in Northwest Arkansas in 2022. Our mission is to empower and help moms rediscover their identity through creative endeavors.

What does that mean?
It means we provide classes and creative spaces for moms to come together and be apart of. For example; we provide yoga classes that is geared towards moms, and meditation classes that are specific to helping moms manage stress, inner conflict, etc...

Does this cost money?
It is completely free for all. Donations are always accepted.

How do i sign up?
You can click on whichever class you'd like to learn more about and sign up via the link. Or you can email us at jaye@theprojectfox.org.

I have children and no babysitter, but i want to participate.
We currently do not offer babysitting at this time but we are working hard on making it happen.

Can i volunteer?
Absolutely! We love volunteers! If you've got a service you'll like to offer, or if you just want to help out please send us a message! We would love to talk to you.♡

A word from the founder/president

Hello everyone! My name is Jaye. I'm not very good with introductions so bare with me. I have two children; a toddler whose energy never seems to dwindle, and a teenager whose on a self-discovery journey. I've been living in Northwest Arkansas for the past 7 years and i really do love our little corner of Arkansas.

I created Project Fox after talking to so many moms (especially first time moms), and learning of their struggles postpartum. So many stories of feeling isolated, abandoned, confused, and self doubt. Every mom seems to share the same narrative. It was really heartbreaking to hear. I decided to do something about it. There are so many pre-labor classes, breathing classes, prenatal classes, etc... but there's not many postpartum resources out there for just mom. No one talks about the struggles that comes afterwards. No one talks about the emotional trauma, or losing one's identity when we embark on mom-hood. No one really talks about postpartum depression or how to survive it without feeling like you're a terrible mother. No one talks about how much energy it takes to raise a child(ren). So, why not create a community that can, and will?! That's what Project Fox stands for. It's a community of moms brought together through creative endeavors to help each other reform their identity; to once again know what it feels like to be you.

My vision is to eventually build a space that houses all the different activities we provide. I want to have a yoga studio (both inside and outdoor space), an art studio, a community garden, a space for childcare, a room for meditation, and a restaurant that will 100% support the dream to keep it funded.

All i know is that i have this vision that i want to bring to life. And i know i need A LOT of help to get there. I can't do it on my own. So, if you've got advice, services, connections, or just want to help me build this dream and be apart of the community, please reach out and lets work together!

Let’s work together